Women of God Ministries in Christ, Inc.
About Us
And they overcame him by the blood of the Lamb, and by the word of their testimony; and they loved not their lives unto the death.
Revelation 12:11 (KJV)
About Us ---- Testimony
Pastor Charm wants you to know God wants to bless you, yes you
need to believe it God really wants to bless you! Like in the
beginning with Adam; when God blessed them. Pastor Charm
began her walk while managing her husband's office in 1992; she
surrendered her life at her home. She asked God to take her
during the loss of babies from invetro and He did and He changed
her into a new person; she had a real life changing encounter with
God. Later her Husband blessed her to stay home; this gave her
more time to spend with God, and full time ministry began. Now
the Lord has brought her into a place where she is being used by God for others to serve Him. God has purified her and prepared her, for such a time as this.  The Lord has ordained pastor Charm's steps; as promotion comes from God. Pastor Charm has learned to put her trust in the Lord; this is why she is happy and blessed.

God wants you to know He wants to bless you and he can take a tragedy and turn that bad situation into a time for you to come to Him, even though the pain is so bad, only the Lord can heal you.  Only He can restore life into you again.  Everything might not turn out the way we want it.  But trust in God and happiness is deep within.   As we find out who God is, and what love is really about; who we really are and what our purpose on this earth is.  If we will repent of sin and seek God with all our heart He will be found.  God gives hope to the hopeless.  No matter what our pains are in this life we can come through them with Christ.   By our faith in Jesus Christ that His grace in us is developing God's righteousness; His love, joy, peace, and producing all the fruit of The Holy Spirit.
Choose each day that you want to live in His righteousness; to get better instead of bitter; it is the greatest way to live, as Christ is in us the hope of glory amen.  Oh how much God loves us church, God came to save us from this fallen world of sin, He became a man, Yet He was fully God through Jesus Christ so He was still sinless and yet He became the sacrifice it took (for sin brings death) to give us back the eternal life that Satan had stolen from Adam and Eve in the garden.  God came himself, yet in the form of His son (Son of man) and He came for all of us.  All of us were sinners no one is better than another; we all needed to be restored back to God and have eternal life in Christ. No matter what has happened in your life, God has a plan and gave you a choice.  He is God and what He says about you, what the Lord has planned for you is to do you good, to give you a future and hope, and expected end.